Magic Camera For Vlog 360 Degree

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Product Description

Introducing the Magic Camera For Vlog 360 Degree, the ultimate solution for capturing life's moments with unparalleled clarity and detail. Designed for vloggers, families, and everyone in between, this versatile camera seamlessly blends advanced technology with user-friendly features to ensure every memory is recorded in stunning 4K quality. Our goal is to create an exceptional experience for everyone, as we believe everyone should have access to this incredible technology.

Lastest Camera Model For Vlog Shooting

The Magic Camera For Vlogging is specifically designed to meet the needs of vloggers. With its 360-degree recording capability, it ensures you never miss a single detail, capturing the entire scene around you. Intuitive controls and high-quality video output allow you to create professional-grade vlogs effortlessly, making it the ideal tool for any vlogger.

Family Care with Auto-Tracking

Capture every precious family moment effortlessly with the Super AI Camera.Receive instant notifications and 15-second video clips whenever the camera detects unusual activity, allowing you to respond promptly and safeguard your home. Additionally, when people or pets enter the camera’s view, the Magic Camera immediately takes interesting pictures, capturing surprising moments.

Wi-Fi Remote Monitoring with Advanced Image Transmission

The Camera For Vlogging allows you to effortlessly check live streaming video from anywhere in the world via Remote/IP mode. Its features a highly sensitive motion sensor that activates upon detecting movement, recording the event and sending instant notifications to your smartphone. This ensures you stay informed and in control at all times, providing a seamless and advanced image transmission experience.

AI Shooting and High-Definition Infrared Night Vision

The Magic Camera's AI shooting feature intelligently adapts to different lighting environments to deliver the best possible image quality. High-definition infrared night vision ensures that your videos and photos remain clear and detailed even in complete darkness, perfect for late-night vlogs or capturing serene evening moments. Additionally, the camera supports 4K video with rich clarity and true-to-life tones, making every frame stunning and vivid.

Magnetic Base for Versatile Shooting

One of the standout features of the Magic Camera is its magnetic base, which allows for versatile shooting in various environments. Whether you're vlogging in your room, cooking in the kitchen, or exploring the great outdoors, the magnetic attraction ensures stability and frees up your hands, so you can focus on creating amazing content without any hassle.

One Camera with Two Modes

This versatile sports camera can be used both as a vlogging camera and a home security camera. The Magic Camera can achieve a variety of angles and combinations, overcoming magnetic adsorption scenarios to provide more innovative perspectives.


Weight: camera 85g, base 150g
Size: 52.2 * 18.3 * 52.2mm [camera]/62.5 * 62.5 * 78.0mm [base]
Maximum resolution: 2.5K [2560 * 1440]
Field angle: 120 °
Image sensor: 1/2.8 CMOS
Photo resolution: 2560x1440
Video resolution: 2.5k/25fps; 1080P/25fps
Battery: 700mAh
Charging port: Type-C USB 5V/2A

Package Includes

Magic camera
Card pin
Magic camera base
Micro SD card
Magic map
Magnetic lanyard
Power cable (1m)
Warranty card
Water-soluble adhesive quick sticker

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