Of customers report exceptional video quality within 15 minutes of using the Magic Camera for Vlog, showcasing its crystal-clear, professional-grade footage.


Of customers note enhanced creativity and flexibility with the product, thanks to features like seamless autofocus, vibrant color capture, and intuitive controls.


Of customers experience significantly quicker editing due to its user-friendly interface and robust connectivity, optimizing their vlogging workflow.

  • Magic 360-degree vlog camera

    AI Shooting and High-Definition Infrared Night Vision

    Adapt to different lighting conditions with AI shooting, ensuring optimal video quality. High-definition infrared night vision supports 2.5K video for clear and vivid footage in darkness.

  • 360-degree capture vlog camera

    Family Care with Auto-Tracking

    Effortlessly capture every family moment with the user-friendly Magic Camera's Super AI and auto-tracking mode, ensuring high-quality video and seamless focus for dynamic vlogging scenarios.

  • Magic camera with 360-degree recording

    One Camera with Two Modes

    This versatile sports camera is both a vlogging and home security camera, offering versatile angles and innovative perspectives. It adapts to various setups, including overcoming magnetic adsorption, ensuring flexibility in capturing content from different viewpoints.

  • Dipo Fizzyspark immersive vlog camera 360

    Lastest Camera Model For Vlog Shooting

    Capture every detail with the Magic Camera's 360-degree recording capability and high-quality video output. This innovative camera ensures you never miss a single moment, making it perfect for creating professional-grade vlogs effortlessly.

  • Wi-Fi Remote Monitoring with Advanced Image Transmission

    Monitor live video streams from anywhere with the Magic Camera's Remote/IP mode and advanced motion sensor. Get instant event notifications on your smartphone for enhanced control and peace of mind.

  • Magnetic Base for Versatile Shooting

    The Magic Camera's magnetic base provides stability and hands-free shooting versatility, ideal for vlogging in any environment from indoors to outdoors.

    Your Ultimate Vlogging Companion!

    Capturing life’s moments with the Magic Camera for Vlog 360 Degree is now more convenient and powerful than ever. We’re integrated advanced features to bring you a seamless and enhanced vlogging experience, ensuring you never miss a beat!.


    AI Technology

    360 Degree Recording

    Real-Time Sharing

    Night Vision

    Compact and Lightweight


    Dipo Fizzyspark advanced 360 vlog camera

    Magic Camera for Vlogs for Daily Vlogging

    Whether you're cooking, working out, or simply sharing your thoughts. With high-quality video and seamless integration with your smartphone, the Magic Camera is the ideal tool for creating engaging and professional content effortlessly.

    Dipo Fizzyspark 360-degree camera for virtual tours

    Travel-Friendly for Vlogs

    Whether you're biking, hiking, or exploring new destinations, this versatile camera delivers high-quality footage, allowing you to relive your journeys and share them with friends and family

    360-degree camera for vlogging

    Secure Your Home

    You can monitor your home in real-time, ensuring peace of mind whether you're at home or away. The sleek, compact design allow for easy placement in any room. Keep your home safe and stay connected. This is your trusted companion for home security.

    Keep an Eye on Your Pet

    Capture every adorable moment and ensure pets safety with this easy-to-use camera. Its compact design allows you to place it anywhere, giving you peace of mind whether you're at work or out running errands. Stay connected with your furry friends and never miss a moment.

    What is the box's

    • Magic camera
    • Card pin
    • Magic camera base
    • Micro SD card
    • Magic map
    • Magnetic lanyard
    • Power cable (1m)
    • Warranty card
    • Water-soluble adhesive quick sticker
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